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Digitalizing Indian Schools

  • Visual Learning,Digital Presentations,Live Telecast, E-Library, School Messenger services helps schools to transform into Digital Schools
  • Live classes for School absentees, Distance learning.Replay Classroom teachings,Presentations, Guest Speechings.
  • Parents engagement, High visibility of School activities to Parents and Customers
  • Generates additional Revenue for Live Telecast Classes, Tutions , Elibrary , School Messenger services
  • Secured Live Telecast with Easy Recharge Accounts for Parents to watch Live Student activities , School Events from Home
  • School Messenger services helps for day to communication between Parents and Teacher
  • E-Library helps to share softcopies, Ebooks, presentations, videos etc to Students


Live Telecast made easy for Schools to broadcast Digital Classes, Classroom Presentations, Science Fairs, School Events

-Live Telecast

Visual learning helps Students to easily understand the Subject

- Digital Learning

Parents can watch Kids during Day to Day activities or lunch Hours. Parents can watch the School events live from Smart Phone

- Live Telecast to Parents

Engage Parents easily with option to view School Events from SmartPhone,Computer etc..

- Parents Engagement in School Events

Secure, Control and reliable Live Streaming with Customized Web Channel for School

- Secured Recharge Accounts for Parents

Easy recharge Accounts for Parents to quickly recharge and view Live Events

- Secure Live Streaming