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Digitalizing Indian Schools

  • Visual Learning,Digital Presentations,Live Telecast, E-Library, School Messenger services helps schools to transform into Digital Schools
  • Online classes / Tutions for Students to learn from Home, Distance learning.Replay Classroom teachings,Presentations, Guest Speechings.
  • Parents engagement, High visibility of School activities to Parents and Customers
  • Generates additional Revenue for Live Telecast Classes, Tutions , Elibrary , School Messenger services
  • Secured Live Telecast with Easy Recharge Accounts for Parents to watch Live Student activities , School Events from Home
  • School Messenger services helps for day to communication between Parents and Teacher
  • E-Library helps to share softcopies, Ebooks, presentations, videos etc to Students
  • Digital Classes definitely helps students in visualizing the Subject what they learn..
  • This is the time for Indian Education to move forward in Visual Learning by Digital Classes with Online Presence, Visual images so that real subject can reach to the Students ...
  • Every Subject which students learn should embark with Visual concepts, Charts etc.. so that students can easily understand , visualize ...
  • We can assist Schools,if you need technical assistance in setting up Digital Schools with Visual Learning, Online Classroom Concepts, Elibrary etc..

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    live classroom

Live Telecast made easy for Schools to broadcast Digital Classes, Classroom Presentations, Science Fairs, School Events

-Live Telecast

Visual learning helps Students to easily understand the Subject

- Digital Learning

Parents can watch Kids during Day to Day activities or lunch Hours. Parents can watch the School events live from Smart Phone

- Live Telecast to Parents

Engage Parents easily with option to view School Events from SmartPhone,Computer etc..

- Parents Engagement in School Events

Secure, Control and reliable Live Streaming with Customized Web Channel for School

- Secured Recharge Accounts for Parents

Easy recharge Accounts for Parents to quickly recharge and view Live Events

- Secure Live Streaming

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